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Snack Packs

Volunteer Info

Want to help us connect Students to Christ and the Local Church? Our Snack Pack ministry provides an opportunity to put information directly into the hands of College students with your Help! 

If you are a church that is Scheduled to bring lunch we would ask you to adopt this ministry during your assigned week until our normal Lunch program resumes! If you are an individual that just wants to help we hope the info below guides you! 

 Snack Packs 
Volunteer Information

We are asking Churches or Volunteers to purchase bulk items to help us make these packs possible. Each pack will include something from the General List below. Pack contents will change Every week but this list will give you a general idea! 


to Drink

Mini Water

Juice Pack 

Water Flavor Packets



to EAT



Mixed Nuts

Trail Mix

Protein Bars




Chocolate Bar


Animal Crackers

Gum Pack

Cookie Packs



to Know

Gospel Tracks

Church Program Invitations


Something to WIN during our Wednesday Virtual Giveaway

  Gift Cards,  T-Shirts, Promotional Items (Not Junk)

If you are Donating Items..

Drop supplies off at the BSM by 3pm Thursday before or Monday of your Week.


Snack Packs will be assembled Monday afternoon to be delivered  Tuesday and Wednesday across the Campus! 


If you are not Sure what items to get or what week you could bring items give us a call at (903) 465-2207 

If you are sending Cash for Item purchases...

Every Wednesday 

From 12:15-12:30ish    


Be sure to tune into our Virtual Lunch Giveaway! Every Snack Pack will contain information that Connects students to this Event so we can connect them to your Church! 

This brief 10 minute Live Stream will feature a 5 minute Devotional Each week, and 5 minutes of Virtual Giveaway. 

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Feel free to use our electronic payment method by clicking donate button. 

Or you may send a check designated "BSM Snack Packs"
to the address below:

Grayson Baptist Association 

P.O. Box 1806

Sherman, Tx  75091 

(903) 868-9361

If you would like more information about getting you or your church involved feel free to fill out the menu or contact us!   

Download our Snack-Pack Info flyer for distribution! 


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