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Wedding Information

If you are tying the knot or making plans to, we are excited for you! For those pursuing Holy matrimony, care is taken to ensure that individuals are prepared spiritually and practically for their marriage. Believing that God has ordained marriage and that every wedding performed at by an affiliate of the BSM should be Christ-honoring, the following policies have been established with regard to weddings performed by the BSM Director or his associates: 


All weddings are scheduled through the BSM Director directly. Weddings are to be scheduled at least three months in advance. The Director or Associate will confirm his availability with the couple if requested to officiate. 


To book the BSM as a venue The bride, groom or their parents (member or non-member) may schedule the BSM up to 12 months in advance. To qualify for booking the facilities as a member, you (the couple) must have been on the church roll of a Grayson Baptist Association church for a minimum of six months.

officiant information

Per the guidelines of the Grayson Baptist Association and Statement of Faith in the Baptist Faith and Message (2000), the Director or Associate of the BSM may only officiate the wedding of individuals who profess faith in Jesus Christ as their personal Lord. The Director maintains the right to exclusively officiate couples who have been previously involved under his leadership in ministry whether directly or indirectly.


In order for a wedding to be officiated by the Director or Associate of the BSM, the couple must meet the following Requirements: 

1) Both, male and female, must be professing Christians  (2 Cor  6:14)

2) Both must be abstaining from Sexual Immorality including living together (1 Cor 16:18)

3) Neither can have previously divorced (Matt 5:32)

4) Both must be members and active with a Local Church (Heb 10:25) 

5) Both must complete pre-marital counseling either with the officiant or with a trusted organization prior to the Ceremony 


BSM building reservations are determined by the GBA and may be requested by emailing the BSM office. 


Officiant fees vary based on the couples financial limitations or personal relationship with the minister. For couples that have not been currently or previously affiliated with a ministry or a program under the leadership of the BSM Director or Associate, a fee is required to the officiant in the amount of $300 for Ceremony Officiation and $350 for Pre-Marital Counseling. This fee includes all the materials for the Pre-Marital Counseling Process.  

Payments can be made by check directly to the officiant (not to the BSM) by the end of the Pre-Marital Counseling process.

For couples who have been currently or previously involved with a ministry or a program under the leadership of the Director or Associate, a minimum fee of $150 for Ceremony Officiation and $200 for Pre-Marital Counseling is required. This fee includes all the materials for the Pre-Marital Process. For general consideration (if the couple or their families are facing current financial stress) this fee can be waived, but the request needs to be made known to the officiant before hand.

Where do we begin the process?

If you have been approved by an officiant or are seeking approval to begin the process. Please begin by completing the Wedding Digital Assessment below. As soon as you complete the survey you will be contacted for the next step! 

Wedding Digital Assessment: 

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