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Snack Packs

COVID-19 has delayed us being able to feed students in the BSM... SO thanks to our Churches we are taking food directly to students! 

BSM Snack Packs 

  Be on the lookout for our Snack packs which are distributed at different locations and times across the College Campus! These packs are basically BSM Stimulus Packages. They contain key info to Connect you to COMMUNITY

In Every pack you will also find information pertaining to our Community Groups and a Free chance to Win a Prize during our VIRTUAL Lunch Giveaway! 

Every Wednesday 

From 12:15-12:30ish    


  Join us every week via Facebook or Youtube LIVE to learn about what we are doing and to win some BIG prizes!! 

If you received a numbered ticket in a snack Pack, have that number ready to Win!! 

All electronic, edible and cash prizes including gift cards must be picked up by the winner in the BSM before Tuesday of the next week! Prizes unclaimed will be reused in the next Giveaway. Winner must bring Valid ticket number to claim prize. 

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    Watch our

    Lunch Live Stream 

    viaYoutube or Facebook Live 

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    How can you Help? 
    Connect with our Ministry!

    Thanks for submitting! We look forward to plugging you in! Like us on Facebook to stay connected!

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